Li2Al2SiP2TiO13(LASPT)電導性ガラスセラミックシート(サイズ:直径19mm、5 x 5mm、1 x 1インチ、2 x 2インチ)

Li2Al2SiP2TiO13 ( LASPT) Ion Conductive Ceramic Sheets with optional size – EQ-CGCS-LD


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Li2Al2SiP2TiO13 ( LASPT) is a lithium ion conducting glass ceramic that was developed to serve as a true solid state electrolyte or separator in next generation lithium-air batteries and other electrochemical devices.



Chemical Composition
and XRD
◦P2O5 20-60%
◦TiO2 20-60%
◦Al2O3 1-15%
◦SiO2 1-15%
◦Li2O 1-15%
Shapes & Sizes
Round: 19mm Dia
Square:5mm x 5mm
Square: 1 Inch x 1 Inch
Square: 2 Inch x 2 Inch

Thickness 150um  ( 0.150 mm )
Ionic Conductivity 1 to 4 ×10-4 S/cm at  25℃ Room Temperature
Physical Properties ・Stable in both air and water
・Solid electrolyte/ membrane with prevention against dendrite penetration
Chemical Resistance Conductivity of Lithium Ions will not be affected much by water and mild acids
・RW(P)JOGIS Class 1 Water resistance
・RA(p)JOGIS Class 1 Acid resistance
Mechanical Properties ・4 Point Bending Strength at 140N/mm2
・Knoop Hardness 590Hk
・Specific Gravity 3.05
Thermal Properties (Non-Flammable & Stable up to 600℃) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
・30~350℃ Temperature Range: 94 x 10^-7/K
・350~600℃ Temperature Range: 82 x 10^-7/K
Application Notes Assembly of Li-Air Batteries, please click on the picture below for reference.          
Please Click HERE to learn more about the properties of our Li-ion conductive ceramic plate 
Options Other sizes (e.g. for use in EQ-STC-LI-AIR and STC-ZINCAIR-W Split Test Cells) available upon request, please contact MTI for additional details.
Relevant Document  Material Safety Data Sheet



Li2Al2SiP2TiO13 ( LASPT) Ion Conductive Ceramic Sheets with optional size – EQ-CGCS-LD

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