MTI Products for material researchers and engineers in Japan

MTI Corporation, is headquartered in US, has over 20 years of experience in the field of material science and engineering. Today, MTI has become the world leading material and equipment manufacturer for advanced material research and battery R & D.

AA Portable Power Corp(dba MTI Japan) was founded in 2005 in Japan. MTI Japan has been a reliable distributor of MTI products and has never failed to meet the great demand of our customers in Japan. Currently, MTI Japan is supplying precision laboratory equipment such as high temperature tube furnaces, sample preparation machines, material analysis machines, and complete lines for the R & D of rechargeable battery. Our customer base includes universities, research institutions, and research laboratories. Quality, cost effective, and good customer services are our corporate commitments.



  • Coin Cell Preparation / Cylinder Cell Preparation / Pouch Cell Preparation / Lithium Air Battery Research / Test Equipment

  • Cases / Li-ion Battery Cathode & Anode Powders / Electrode Sheets / Separators / Binders

  • Ceramic Substrate: A-Z / Crystals Substrates: A-Z / Metal Substrate & Foil: A-Z / Target Materials: A-Z / Thin Film on Substrate: A-Z

  • Electrode Coating Preparation / Film Applicators

  • Gel Sticky Boxes / IC Tray & Plastic Boxes / Round Wafer Carriers

  • Coin Cell / Cylinder Cell



Company Information
Company Name: AA Portable Power Corp
Address: 1-12-3 Oujihonchou, Kitaku, Tokyo 114-0022
Established: January 2005
CEO: Reiko Nezu
Main Products: Battery and battery packs. Battery and electronic component assembly machines, research and testing equipment, machines for the evaluation and testing of batteries and electronic components, battery parts and materials, and parts and precision products associated with such equipment.